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Case 3: Dell e151fp ( equivalent to Acer FP553 Chassis ) No power or power on then shutdown soon

Solution 3: Solder out the faulty C605, C707, C703 capacitor, the defective energy ic UC3842B, faulty resistors R613, R623, R615, defective transistor Q601, faulty diode D604= 1N4148 and fuse F601. Solder the parts that are new in to the circuit.

No matter how severe fault level of lcd monitor, the soldering work is always involved in repairing lcd monitor from above examples. You'll find the next articles explain the soldering that is basic advance soldering means of the surface mounted devices (SMD) on our web site.

1) Tools for soldering

2) Soldering safety and wellness

3) Photos for soldering joints that are dry circuit panels
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The dark spot is oil left through the cutting and forming process at the manufacture. If this oil is kept it will not take the solder on you will burn your fitting and.

Flux the pipe and fittings: Using your flux past brush each final end associated with pipeline and fixtures. This will guarantee a clean and joint that is tinned.

Time for you to solder: Whatever size your pipe, that is how solder that is much will need to use to sweat your bones together. Therefore, if you should be soldering 1" one inches copper pipe you will need one inch of solder to sweat your bones together.

Employing a torch heat your pipe and suitable evenly. Start two inches behind the fitting and gradually heat up your pipeline and suitable using a back and forth sweeping motion. Ensure your flame is close sufficient to pay for the entire diameter associated with the pipeline.

Whenever your flame turns green apply the solder to your hub of this fitting, making sure that the solder moves all of the real way around the hub. Wait!There is one more "Secret" move to a perfect solder joint, that means the difference between an amateurish glob of the mess on your fixtures or perhaps a professional looking solder joint every time.

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